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Message from the Field: Mother Earth & Corona

We did a beautiful constellation last week on Mother Earth & Corona. Here is a short summary of the highlights.

As we opened this constellation, the representative for Mother Earth felt squeezed from the abdomen and the pressure moved upward through the lungs to the heart. The representative for the Sky went slowly to the ground and stayed there for some time, reminding me of pollution settling, like thoughts do after hours of meditation.

Humankind felt unstable and Mother Earth told it that any change would come through the Heart instead of the mind. This time was a call from Mother Earth to Humankind to grow up and live a new way. Only when Humankind could humble itself and realize its need for direction was the constellation able to shift.

The Virus later said this was a warning for Humankind and echoed the earlier words of Mother Earth, "Direction is within your heart, to look inside. It’s also true you need new leaders."

When Humankind could humble itself and admit the need for help and direction, the Virus transformed into the Heart in the constellation. It didn't have anymore words as the Virus. That is when all the others felt calm, equal and able to grow in their consciousness.

The Sky representative - the first to acknowledge unity - transformed into Earth Consciousness and said a similar message, “The heart is the bridge between the spiritual world and the material world.” ❤️

-The constellation revealed a message from Mother Earth, to live from the Heart and not the mind.

-The Sky was the unifying factor (once it was calm and settled).

-With the presence of the Heart, all parts could feel united, equal and grow.

-The Animal Kingdom was connected to the Virus and had a strong link to Mother Earth. Only after shifts took place could it feel connected to Humankind.

For a detailed description on what happened in this constellation, you can find it here.

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