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Below you'll find a list of all services available for individual consultations, including individual constellations for more privacy and immediacy, kinesiology for stress relief and change, body work and somatic trauma work that uses exercises and the intelligence of the body to work toward uniting the body and mind, astrology for personal development and integrative therapy that combines all these tools to meet your unique gifts and needs on the healing journey.

What Clients Say about Individual Sessions

Integrative therapy is a progressive form of therapy that combines different therapeutic tools and approaches to fit the needs of the individual client. As an Integrative Therapist with an understanding of normal human development, by working with clients this way therapy is more regular and constant.  The purpose is to combine the most fitting tools, at the right moment, for each client and their individual needs. This approach is flexible and continuous and works to integrate the body, mind and spirit.  The primary tools I use are listed next.

Kinesiology a worldwide practice that uses the wisdom of the body to heal and change patterns.  The '3 in 1 Concepts ®' technique works on the emotional level and and is exceptional for improving and changing difficult emotional patterns as well as limiting beliefs.  Kinesiology works wonders for relieving stress and allows the body to naturally restore and find balance again, connecting you to your center.  

Ritual is a timeless practice for celebrating and also mourning.  Ritual is an artistic and harmonious way to heal, release and connect.  In combination with the Wheel of the Four Directions, a form of a traditional medicine wheel, Systemic Ritual ® brings together elements of Family Constellations and shamanism to create a beautiful and powerful way of working with personal, family and systemic issues. The Wheel of the Four Directions is a powerful guide and teacher for any difficulty you are facing.

Constellations is a therapeutic technique that is used to reveal the underlying dynamics of a dysfunctional or problematic situation, be it family-related or not. Although the method typically refers to family issues, it can be used for any situation that needs healing, clarity or problem solving.  Common topics include relationships, health, professional concerns or disconnection from self. Individual sessions give more privacy and immediacy.

Body Work & Somatic Trauma Work

The body has an innate ability to heal itself.  By means of body work, mostly exercises from the body-based, somatic psychotherapy technique Bioenergetics Analysis, these sessions will help you unite the body and mind, connect emotions with body sensations, learn tools for everyday healing and gain body awareness for greater consciousness and better connection to your life force.  

Astrology is a sacred language that enables us to live with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.  I refer to astrology as a tool for personal development and self-knowing, not for prediction.  Astrology uses the term "forecast", however, to give you an idea of possibilities for the future based on the energy of the planets. Consultations include either a Reading of your Birth Chart - your unique map, Birthday Readings (Solar Return) or Readings for a specific moment if you are looking for insight and understanding.

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Hugo, Brussels

"I did an individual constellation with Meghan looking for some clarity on how to affront my professional future. Although before doing the session I was a bit skeptical, maybe because of my scientific background, I was blown away during and after the session. The methodology worked as a laser focus lens on my unspoken and unseen internal barriers. Meghan's ability to conduct me through the process while not interfering on my own reading of it was really helpful and professional. The constellation gave me new energies, insights and clarity of thoughts that have been proven effective on my path of change even few months after. Thanks Meghan!"