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Below you'll find a list of all services,  including individual Family & Systemic Constellations, Kinesiology 3 in 1 Concepts, Body|Mind therapy for trauma release and trauma recovery incorporating both Somatic Experience and Bioenergetics, or different Astrology readings to inform your wellbeing and state of mind. 


For regular therapy, see the Integrative Approach that combines all these tools to meet your unique gifts and needs on the healing journey.

Constellations is a therapeutic technique that is used to reveal the underlying dynamics of a dysfunctional or problematic situation, be it family-related or not. Although the method typically refers to family issues, it can be used for any situation that needs healing, clarity or problem solving.  Common topics include relationships, health, professional concerns or disconnection from self. Individual sessions give more privacy and immediacy.

Known as 'Three in One Concepts ®', this tool is based on the unique integration of research and development in the field of Applied Kinesiology (AK).  Kinesiology is a worldwide practice that uses the wisdom of the body to heal and change patterns by testing muscles for strength and weakness with the purpose of helping to remove anything that causes stress and prevents someone from enjoying optimum health. 

The body has an innate ability to heal itself.  By means of body work and somatic exercises--Bioenergetics Analysis and Somatic Experience using the wisdom of the body and the nervous system informed by Polyvagal Theory.  Sessions help to unite the body and mind, connect emotions to the body and body sensations, learn tools for everyday healing and gain body awareness for greater consciousness and better connection to your life force.  

Astrology is a sacred language that enables us to live with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.  I refer to Astrology as a tool for personal development and self-knowing as I use it from a psychological and evolutionary perspective.  It's an incredible resource for self knowing, self mastery and personal empowerment.  Birth chart readings are available or readings in the moment to help you cope and/or gain a new perspective of the ups and downs of life, from small changes to transformative moments.

What Clients Say about 1:1 Services

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Brenda, London

"I got more than I hoped for from The Journey Package and it was absolutely worth every bit of time and money: the work is priceless.  Meghan helped me access and remove significant blocks that have been in my way and holding me back for a long time.  If those things were accessible through more common methods of self examination, I would have cleared them long ago.  She has ways to to clear stuff that you'd never get to by more common means, by yourself or by talking it through.  I have tangible results in my life that show the benefit of Meghan's work, so it's way more than insightful.

Meghan  is very intuitive, caring, smart, and absolutely outstanding at what she does.  I am telling a lot of people about her, and I will continue to work with her too."  

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