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An Integrative Approach

My approach is one that serves the whole person.   The goal is integration of the body, mind, and spirit, and a combination of tools (services) and approaches is used in combination to do so.


As an Integrative Therapist with an understanding of human development, this type of attention focuses on a process of development and is therefore more regular compared to a brief therapy or solution-based approach, such as Constellations alone.  

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The Toolbox & Beyond

When one seeks therapy, there is a need for support, guidance, understanding, resolution or change, among other things.  It also takes time to connect with the right person.  I once received valuable advice that I continue to apply and share with clients and friends: “the right therapist is the one who is the owner of what you seek."  In addition to feeling safe, understood and supported, the right person is who you feel can and will lead you to your own insights, healing and expansion.  

There are many tools and approaches out there and some work better for one person over another.  This is why I like to work with a variety of tools in combination to work toward your unique needs and goals.  Tools are a means to an end, and although the end you’re seeking is individual to you, it likely includes feeling safe, feeling secure, and feeling strong enough to reach your goals and live a life that is authentic to you.   


My commitment to you is to work toward gaining a new perspective first and foremost, because it is greater awareness and a new perspective that will heal and give you the power to choose for yourself.  This is where the right tools come in because tools offer a language of their own, like how the body speaks when working somatically, or using the systemic approach to see your relation to the rest, or even astrologically using its language of symbols.  I work principally with Family Constellations for the systemic approach, Somatic Therapy and Trauma Recovery for working with trauma and its traces left on the nervous system, Kinesiology 3 in 1 Concepts for relieving stress, improving and changing difficult emotional patterns as well as limiting beliefs, and Counseling Astrology from a psychological and developmental standpoint.


Our work together is one of curiosity and one of finding the right language and approaches to guide, support and inspire you.  Tools are important and they may be what draws you to one therapist over another, however, as they say "the tools are there until the therapist shows up."  

​From starting in the corporate world in the United States to uprooting and living as a nomad for several years, my external journey has been a way for the inner journey to unfold. I am confident I can support you on your own journey and path of consciousness.  It is what I was born to do and my life has prepared me for it.   With the button below, you can schedule a 20 minute free call, to get to know me and see if what I offer is a good fit, or even a good starting point for you.

With appreciation,


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