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Inner Compass Community

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A Path of Development with Community and Continuity


Inner Compass is an inclusive community for men and women who are dedicated to healing and improving their lives by simply becoming more conscious of it.  This is essential for the times we are living in and those that are emerging.  ​

As we come out of an intense time of disconnection, perhaps these last few years ignited a lot of

questions about your health and wellness or about your place in the world and within your own community of family and friends.  Some found new connections and inspiration during these difficult times, while others find it hard to get back and connect.   As humans we need connection with others to live and grow, which is just one reason why the past few years have been so challenging.  Inner Compass is a community where we will use different tools and techniques week by week to connect with ourselves first and foremost, and then in turn with others on a similar path.  More than anything, the purpose of Inner Compass is to provide a safe place of learning and connection, so you can be your own medicine!  

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What you can expect: 

  • Connection to the self and others on a similar journey, to grow and share in community.  Here you will gain tools and experiences to connect with your inner knowing for better living.

  • Embodiment to be grounded in the present moment and to connect with the home of your soul, the body.  Body connection leads to a higher quality of life.  

  • Practices to anchor you in the here and now, including meditation, bodywork, and teaching and guidance on regulating the nervous system from day to day, and especially for moments of stress and tension that inevitably come up.  This way you will learn to be your own medicine!

  • Inspiration and Insight by means of different activities, like mini constellations, small group exercises, role plays, ritual, visualisation, working with the medicine wheel, intuitive practices, conscious communication, astrology/your personal birth chart and more.

  • Variety as there will be some standard routines each week (bodywork/nervous systemic regulation) for the body/mind/spirit connection, but each Monday will be different. 

Mondays from 7:45 to 9:00 pm Central European Standard Time/Brussels time 

Check the time in your city here.

Cancellation Policy for Constellation Events:  For Circles in person, 2 days notice is required to receive a refund.  Online events are non-refundable. Once purchased and if unable to attend, you can put your ticket toward another upcoming event.  Last minute cancellations are not refundable, such as cancelling the day of an online event or less than 2 days before an event in person.

Benefits of weekly Development Circles:​​

  • Body/Mind/Spirit alignment

  • Connection and support from like-minded people

  • Self regulation for stress management and relief 

  • Resilience building

  • Burnout prevention

  • Build somatic capacity and release somatic energy (trapped stress and trauma)

  • Develop and practice empathy 

  • Develop self trust and self guidance

  • Spiritual development

Learn to be your own medicine!

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Join the Inner Compass Community weekly Development Circles and learn to connect with your own inner compass and inner knowing, for a new time and a new way of living. 

*For participants in Brussels, with enough participation meetings in person will be organised to complement Monday nights.

Healing is a lifestyle and regular practice.  It doesn’t come in one day, or one session, and often we are in a hurry to ‘arrive,’ yet the path of development keeps going.  My hope is to teach you and guide you now, and especially during these turbulent times we are living in, to gain peace for the road ahead and to be supported on this journey.   

May this be a constant place where you know you will be supported, grow, and gain lifelong skills and insight to accompany you in all aspects of your daily life – relationships, health, career, finances, family etc.  

Who Are We

During the weekly Development Circles you can expect a place to develop yourself in all aspects, in your mind, in your body and physiology (nervous system), emotionally and in your spirit.  Inspired by the medicine wheel, each week there will be practices to meet yourself on all dimensions: the East: mental/mind, the South: physical/body, the West: emotional/emotions and the North: spiritual/spirit.  

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Register for Inner Compass
Trial pack: the first TWO sessions are FREE.  This way you will see how Monday Circles change each week.  Email me to join your first session:

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Cancellation Policy & Transfer of Credits for Inner Compass:  If you have purchased a 4 or 8-pack and can't make it, it's no problem to transfer the credit to another Monday.  This is possible with 24 hours notice, however, for my planning. Credits are not transferable for last minute cancellations (unless in emergency cases) or no-shows.

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