What Clients Are Saying...

"I attended a group family constellation with Meghan and it was above all expectations. One cannot explain how this works until you experience it for yourself. I felt very comfortable and secure with Meghan as she is super professional, empathic and in control of the situation. The people in my group were all very enthusiastic, open but serious, and all together under guidance of Meghan we worked to very positive and useful outcomes for all involved. Definitely going back to attend other sessions! Thank you for introducing me to this phenomenal concept Meghan!"

Willem, Barcelona

"I have done many constellations since I met Meghan. She showed me how beautiful and essential this work is. It shifted things in me, showed me different perspectives and gave me more peace within myself and acceptance/respect towards my family (system). Meghan as a facilitator is empathic, strong, patient and respectful. What I like most about her is that she takes this work very serious, though she is also light, flexible and is eager to learn and grow herself."

Minette, Utrecht

"I did an individual constellation with Meghan looking for some clarity on how to affront my professional future. Although before doing the session I was a bit skeptical, maybe because of my scientific background, I was blown away during and after the session. The methodology worked as a laser focus lens on my unspoken and unseen internal barriers. Meghan's ability to conduct me through the process while not interfering on my own reading of it was really helpful and professional. The constellation gave me new energies, insights and clarity of thoughts that have been proven effective on my path of change even few months after. Thanks Meghan!"

Hugo, Brussels

"What surprised me the most was that I thought I would only be helping the others as I participated (as a representative) in their constellation, but in the end, it helped me a lot too!  I highly recommend constellations and I'll do it again."

Loris, Madrid

"The constellations were a revelation. Meghan was a great host and much insight was gained through the energy of the group. Although it was just my first time I felt the strong pull of the energy and it was fascinating how messages are sent and felt through the living body."

Lydia, Barcelona

"I did an individual online constellation with Meghan to answer a health issue that I wanted to understand the origin of and the result was very revealing.  I found a key piece about the cause that helped me later to put the puzzle together and heal myself.  For me, it was also really revealing that an online constellation had the same effect as an in-person constellation.  The field, the family system, and the intention are truly what allows a constellation to happen, and neither the physical space nor distance matter.  Thanks Meg for offering your gifts, your knowledge and your time to help me."

Adriana, Medellín

"I have constellated many topics with Meg such as conflicts with the mom, guilt, work difficulties and the most incredible of all was always living the magic that is this therapy.  Inside of the field, I lived a state of no-mind, where I only felt strongly what I needed to do and say.  The first time was especially impressive.  It has always been beautiful.  I have brought a friend to constellate as well and she has loved it also and repeated many times.  Meg connects with empathy and is very sweet.  Thanks a lot and good luck on your path!"

Agns, Barcelona

"It was a beautiful and healing experience.  Meghan guided us through a sea of turbulent emotions easing the storm until we reached a calm and sunny shore!  In the end, we were all happy and light!  This is a very interesting therapy that unites you with others in a deep way.  It’s about human support and healing.  We should all try this therapy, even if it’s once in our lives.  You heal yourself, your family, your ties and you share surrounded by love. I’m grateful!"

Conny, Barcelona

"Family constellations have helped me to understand the importance of my (internal) system when making important decisions in my life.  Regarding a professional change, Meghan facilitated a constellation that helped me see with more clarity how my system responded to the two potential work options in terms of happiness, creativity, prestige, money and emotional stability.  Without a doubt the images spoke and showed my system’s reaction to the different possibilities, and it helped me make a difficult decision with greater confidence.  Thank you Meghan for helping me through the constellation work."

Carla, Madrid

"Meghan is an honest and dedicated therapist and the Constellations are a powerful and quick tool.  Totally recommended."

Vicky, Barcelona

"Super interesting techniques and given by a very talented and empathetic individual. I recommend this to anyone with an open mind."

Nate, Brussels

"If you are interested in self-development, I can highly recommend constellations with Meghan in Brussels. Intense experience and deep insights into yourself guaranteed and Meghan will guide you safely and lovingly throughout this transformative process!"

Dorota, Brussels