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The Journey Package

This is a package of six constellations* to guide you during a time of change and transition... leading to clarity of mind and path, renewed energy and spirit, to propel you forward.


Embark on a Journey

During a time of transition and change. 

If you feel stuck and need to create momentum and change.

Or if you are tired of the same and long for something new,

  embark on a Journey with me.

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 1.14.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 1.14.54 PM.png

A New & Wider Perspective 

As we journey together, this path will lead to clarity of mind and direction, renewed energy and spirit and a wider perspective to propel you forward.  


Movement & Transformation

Create momentum in your life to move from your self of the past to your self of the future.


This is a pack of six individual Constellations (or a combination of Astrology*) to help you during a period of change and transition.  Your Constellation journey will be specific to you and your goals, either personal or professional. To be used within six months of the date of purchase estimating one constellation per month, however, there is always some flexibility based on your process so this isn't set in stone.  

The price is 660 Euros, making the price 110 Euros per constellation instead of 120 to 135 Euros each, if bought individually. There are different combinations available for using the 6 Constellations bought in a package:

  • Six individual Constellations arranged at a time that is convenient for both you and Meghan

  • Two Constellations can be applied in a monthly online Circle (in the group setting), and the four others used for individual Constellations

  • *One Constellation in a group setting, one Astrology reading of your choice, and four individual Constellations


**The Journey Package utilizes Systemic Constellations to support you in a moment of  change or transition.   Constellations are not a substitute for psychotherapy, body based trauma work or psychiatric support.

To meet Meghan first, schedule a "get-to-know'' session below.  If you are ready to get your Journey Package, write Meghan to organize payment:


Thank you and talk to you soon!



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