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Inner Compass 

8 Week Nervous System Programs &

3-part Integration Cycle (for past students) 

In Brussels at Shanti Home & Online

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It is through our nervous system that we perceive reality, and that reality might not be one of connection and can instead be one of protection that carries over to our relationships, our working life and our relationship with ourself above all.  

The good news is that this can change with somatic awareness and regular practice of working with the body and nervous system instead of against it.  By learning to work with our nervous system's patterns, we learn to regulate emotions and then we can become our own medicine.

NEW: 3 part-Integration Cycle for previous participants

Tuesdays, 19:45 to 21:15, April 2, 9 & 16 at Shanti Home

If you've completed the 8-week course, there is an opportunity now to participate in a 3-part review and integration cycle.  These sessions will focus primarily on bodywork practices with much less theory than in the 8-week cycle.  

  • review a little bit what we learned in the 8-week cycle (theoretical info)

  • to refresh your memory about the nervous system states and how to identify where you are at different moments through exercises/activities

  • to spend the majority of the sessions doing bodywork and body practices for regulation and finding calm

  • to refresh and give you more tools for self regulation

Write Meghan if you'd like to participate:  

For the next 8-week cycle:

Brussels: April 23 to June 25 (excluding May 14 & 21)

Online: April 29 to June 24

In this 8-week program, there will be a combination of theory and practice shared. 

  • We will do bodywork* and somatic practices each week that you can carry over and use in your daily life.  

  • You will gain somatic awareness by learning to recognize your nervous system state(s).

  • You will discover your survival strategies and why certain tendencies are recurrent.

  • You will learn tools for regulating emotions and most of all discover what works best for you!

  • You'll learn about your resources and what areas of life could be developed more to better support you. 


Time: 8 weeks - total of 12 hours 

Price: Brussels - 185€ (23 €/class) or two payments of 92,50€

Online - 165€ (20 €/class) or two payments of 82,50€


Place: Shanti Home: Rue Darwin 8; 1190 Brussels 

Tuesdays from 7:45 to 9:15 pm

*Spots limited to 10-12 participants.

Brussels schedule: April 23, April 30, May 7, May 28, June 4, June 11, June 18, June 25  (excludes May 14 & 21)

Online schedule: April 29, May 6, May 13, May 27, June 3, June 10, June 17, June 24 (excluding May 20)

What to bring: Wear comfortable clothes for the bodywork and bring a notebook and something to write with for the theoretical parts of the classes.

"Hopefulness lies in knowing that while early experiences shape the nervous system, ongoing experience can reshape it."  Deb Danna 

In case you can't attend all 8 classes:  A PowerPoint is available each week with the theoretical material taught, so you will receive this if you miss a lesson.  For any missed classes, you can make them up in another cycle, either in Brussels or online.  However, only 4 maximum weeks are allowed to be made up in another Cycle.  This isn't a class to watch via video or to catch up when you can, it's a commitment to attend each week.  If you miss more than half and want to participate again, you will need to start over with a new Cycle and purchase.

Cancellation Policy: A full refund will be given if you cancel minimum 5 days before the start of the cycle.

*The bodywork will be a combination of active and subtle exercises, group exercises and some exercises done in pairs.  The bodywork will be to explore the body, release tensions, gain more somatic awareness and also for connection with others.  The bodywork presented is mostly from the technique Bioenergetics  from Alexander Lowen but also from other somatic practices such as Somatic Experience (Peter Levin) and TRE (David Berceli).

**This 8 week program will teach you about yourself but it is not a substitute for individual therapy/psychotherapy.  If you find it hard to be in groups and/or find it difficult to recover from triggers, then you might consider individual therapy before this group approach, although there is a lot to gain working in a group setting.  Get in touch so we can talk more about your individual case.

Feedback from participants: Meghan holds space in such a wonderfully warm and authentic way - her knowledge and compassion always shine through. The group sessions feel like walking into a playful cocoon with just the right balance between bodywork practices, theory, peer-to-peer conversation and individual reflection. While participating in her nervous system course I had many revelations about myself, my relationships and what a balanced, grounded lifestyle really means. I think her course is not only valuable for anyone who wants to learn how to regulate their own nervous system, but it is also an essential perspective on how to exist in today's modern world. - Sanne

I love the energy of Meghan - she makes me relaxed and comfortable. During all sessions I felt guided with easiness and I could focus on the process and the knowledge shared. - Anonymous

I am really gratefull that I decided to enroll in this course because I learnt to name some emotions, states and conditions I am in. I also learnt how to listen to my body more and made me curious to understand what my body is telling me. I was scared and confused at the beginning of the course. Now, I feel more conscious and I know there is a path I can follow and that I am not the only one on this path. - Tiziana

I had the pleasure of embarking on Meghan's 8-Week Nervous System Cycle, and I must express my heartfelt appreciation for the transformative experience it has been. In every sense, this class is a total game changer. Meghan's ability to cultivate an environment of unparalleled safety and non-judgment is a testament to her dedication and expertise. Her teaching style is not only professional but also incredibly warm and approachable. Meghan imparts practical tools that have seamlessly integrated into my daily life, making nervous system regulation a lifestyle rather than an isolated practice. As a coach and somatic bodyworker, I found Meghan's ability to deliver her teachings online and the simplicity of the tools truly remarkable. Her approach ensures that anyone, regardless of their background, can readily apply these techniques. What sets Meghan apart is her dedication to practicing what she preaches, with an extensive use of bodywork in the class that brings theory to life.  I wholeheartedly recommend Meghan's 8-Week Nervous System Cycle to anyone interested in the intricacies of the nervous system, self-healing, and bodywork. Meghan's unique blend of professionalism, sweetness, and practicality make this course an invaluable resource for personal growth and well-being. With deep gratitude and appreciation. - Jana

About Meghan: I am originally from the United States and am today based in Brussels, Belgium. As an Integrative Therapist, my work is an integral approach to healing and personal development where I incorporate a variety of techniques, including Family & Systemic Constellations and Somatic Therapy and Trauma Recovery (Bioenergetics Analysis and Somatic Experience).  This 8 week cycle will focus on the knowledge and wisdom of Polyvagal Theory; will incorporate somatic practices from Somatic Experience, and will include bodywork inspired by Bioenergetics Analysis each week.

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Register for the next 8 week Nervous System Program
Brussels: Tuesdays, April 23rd to July 2
Online: Mondays, April 22nd to June 24th 


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