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A Combination of Systemic Constellations & Astrology

Created by Meghan Kelly

AstroConstellation™ is an innovative approach that combines  Systemic Constellations with Astrology, two tools that complement one another to support seekers in their path of development, awareness, repair and expansion. Embodying the map inside of you, your birthchart, will bring it further into consciousness which in turn makes it more useful and meaningful in your life.

“Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.” - Dane Rudhyar


In summer 2023, I was interviewed by the Astrological Journal, the world renowned journal of the Astrological Association, about how I work with astrology in combination with therapy and systemic constellations.  We also talked about the approach that I am developing to find out more about the astrology inside of us by embodying it and bringing it to life: AstroConstellation™, a fusion of constellations and astrology. 

Request the article here: "Fate, destiny & the origin of problems."



An Innovative Approach to Astrology & Systemic Constellations

Astrology is a system and a language of symbols that carry meaning about your inner and outer life experiences.  Using the perspective of psychological Astrology, your individual birthchart is a map of your psyche, representing tendencies and potentials.  Learning more about this map facilitates a discovery, an understanding and an acceptance of your true nature.  Since there are so many potential interpretations for the symbols in one's chart, it takes personal experience with the symbols to know what meaning they may be giving, and as we grow and gain more self awareness, the meaning likely changes and evolves with you.  This is one of the many gifts of astrology and how the birthchart is a layered map of consciousness at the same time.   Life and your own experiences give meaning to the symbols.  Astrology can give deep and meaningful insights for all areas in your life, including issues related to relationships of all kinds, your family of origin, your professional life or the hidden areas of your life that impact you without knowing, to name a few.  With psychological astrology, you will meet yourself time and time again.  

Like Astrology, Systemic Constellations is also a tool for looking at any challenge you are facing in your life.  A

Constellation is a tool for finding the origin of the problems we face today such as repeated patterns, blockages, relationship difficulties or health concerns, to name a few, and has the power to reveal hidden dynamics not visible to the normal eye. Then a healing exchange takes place and steps are taken to free you from the past and put you on a road to freedom, understanding and authenticity for your future. In a constellation we are looking at the relation between the parts of a system, such as a family system, an organisation or your astrological birthchart in this case, which is a system in itself.

Combining the symbolism of Astrology with the felt sense (body-oriented) experience of Systemic Constellations, it brings your birth chart to life.  It brings the symbols to life, which is turn makes it more meaningful for you and anything you are experiencing now.  Reading astrological charts of any kind is truly an art, because there are so many potential interpretations.  Working with Constellations, and constellating elements of your chart, takes away the question of interpretation and gives relevant and useful information regarding the subject of your inquiry in the moment of time you ask.  This is by working with the Knowing Field of constellation work, also referred to as the quantum field,  a morphogenetic field (Rupert Sheldrake), or the Divine Matrix (Gregg Braden).  The Field we work with in Constellations is an information field.  We can access it for ancestral and family links that are limiting us today and also for different parts or timelines of ourselves.  

AstroConstellation™ is a bottom-up approach that Meghan has created from her own experience with the two techniques.  It is a fusion of Systemic Constellations with Astrology, which means that the Constellations are phenomenological and astrology-informed.  Working from the mind and the intellectual side of Astrology is not the starting point, which makes this different from chart interpretation.  We work with presence and embodiment to bring forth meaning and truth.  You can either bring elements of the chart to life that you'd like to better understand, or you can bring a question for inquiry and let elements of you (your chart) be part of the discussion.  

Hope to meet you soon! Meghan 

Constellations with AstroConstellation™

AstroConstellation™ is a bottom-up (body-oriented) approach that Meghan has created from her own experience with both Systemic Constellations and Astrology.   The Constellations are phenomenological and astrology-informed. 


You can bring any question for inquiry to an AstroConstellation™ session and what makes this different from a traditional constellation is that elements of your personal horoscope and/or transits (what's currently happening for you) will be considered in the Constellation work done.  So you can start from a question and let Astrology further inform your inquiry, or you can bring elements of your current astrological forecast to explore.  

Why do an AstroConstellation™ instead of a traditional Family Constellation

The two are not very different.  What makes an AstroConstellation™ different is that it's astrology-informed, and an AstroConstellation™ session will also include some complementary information on what is happening to you at the moment astrologically.  This portion of the session can be recorded for you to refer back to.  All sessions are two hours for the cost of 165€.  

An AstroConstellation™ is right for you if:

  • You bring an issue to constellate and are open to an astrology-informed experience

  • You want to explore the expression of something in your personal horoscope/birthchart or something you're currently living astrologically (transits, progressions etc.)

  • You are looking for relief and guidance for something you are living now astrologically (transits, progressions etc.)


A traditional Constellation is recommended to you if:

  • You are new to Constellation work and just want to inquire about an issue

  • You are facing a challenge in the family or with specific relationship(s) and are looking for guidance and the systemic perspective

  • You are more interested in what is happening astrologically instead of working on a specific issue (in this case, an astrological reading is recommended instead)

  • You aren't interested or believe in astrology

Contact Meghan if you'd like to schedule an AstroConstellation™ 1:1 session:

*Include where you're located (time zone) and your availability.    

Group AstroConstellation™ Circles are also available to constellate with the celestial energies during a New or Full Moon.  See upcoming events here.  

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