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In summer 2023, I was interviewed by the Astrological Journal, the world renowned journal of the Astrological Association, about how I work with astrology in combination with therapy and systemic constellations.  We also talked about the approach that I am developing to find out more about the astrology inside of us by embodying it and bringing it to life: AstroConstellation™, a fusion of constellations and astrology. 

Request the article here: "Fate, destiny & the origin of problems."


Counseling Astrology:
Astrology for Wellbeing & Personal Development

Astrology is a sacred language that enables us to live with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.  I refer to Astrology as a tool for personal development and self-knowing as I use it from a psychological and evolutionary perspective.  It's an incredible resource for self knowing, self mastery and personal empowerment.

My evenings are taken up very largely with astrology. I make horoscopic calculations in order to find a clue to the core of psychological truth. - Carl Jung

Cosmic Sky

Astrology & Therapy

Astrology is an archaic language of symbols, a language of energy, and in the late 20th century Psychological Astrology was established – the blend of astrology with Depth, Humanistic and Transpersonal psychology. This was all highly influenced by Carl Jung himself who after trying to disprove astrology learned that it can provide symbolic insight into the workings of the human psyche. Other influencers and pioneers in this field include Alan Leo, Dane Rudhyar, Liz Greene, Stephen Arroyo and Howard Sasportas.

In my case, Astrology came into my life young and over the years I have found it to be an incredibly important source of information for my own growth and personal discovery.  Much wisdom and understanding of myself and my life story have come through the lens of Astrology.  Following the subject out of personal interest, it continues to evolve and show me new applications of it, like in my work as a therapist. Today I work with Astrology from the psychological and evolutionary standpoints.  I work with relationship astrology for dynamics between people, ranging from parents to child, lovers, friendships, and to places (relocation) etc.  These have been the most influential, inspiring and empowering techniques I have found, which explains my belief that this is what makes Astrology most useful and worth pursuing as a tool in personal growth and evolution.  Today I use it in combination with either 1:1 therapy or with constellation work, as it informs and further complements either process.  Additionally I have created and keep exploring the blend of Astrology and Constellations, AstroConstellations™.  See the article from the Astrological Association above to know more. 

Astrology is part of my Integrative Approach to therapy and individual services are also available, like BirthChart readings, Solar Returns, or check-in readings for specific questions or areas of life, among other special services.  See below for more details.  


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Birth Chart Reading

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born. As the planets represent archetypes within ourselves, this provides a unique map for each of us that illustrates strengths, talents, and potential.


Learning more about your birth chart offers continuous opportunities for self-awareness and self-compassion in addition to getting direction on how to apply your strengths and talents to your life and how to take full advantage of opportunities and challenges as they present themselves.


Knowing your birth chart will empower you to make better decisions in any area of your life today and when the need arises.  Your birth chart is foundational knowledge and therefore  a constant go-to for your life path and essence.  For a first time Astrology reading, this is the best way to start.  (1.5 hours, 150 €)

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Aquarius Report

Pluto is a generational planet, a "God of Change," which is why it's getting a lot of attention on a world-wide scale now as it's just moved signs (from conservative and traditional Capricorn to innovative and unconventional Aquarius.) Over the next 20 years we will see a lot of advancements and innovations emerge in the areas of science and technology, among others, and collectively we will move toward more acceptance of our unique signatures over conventional and traditional ways.   This is a long time thing and won't happen overnight, but astrology is a teacher of cycles and gives languages for long-term changes on the horizon. 


On an individual level, this is an invitation to step toward your uniqueness.  When Pluto passes through a certain place in our Birth charts, it brings transformation with it and a call for evolution.  This is all happening in the sign of Aquarius, so wherever Aquarius is in your personal Birth chart, it gives insight to where and in what areas of life the call of evolution and transformation is for you.  This conversation is to give you a far-reaching vision, to confirm what you are already planning, and give valuable information to support you on your path.  Information on timings in the next few years will also be shared to give you insight in how to work co-creatively with the celestial energies. (1 hour, 85€)



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Solar Return/Birthday Reading

In astrological terms, a birthday is when the Sun returns to the same position it was at the day you were born, therefore called a “Solar Return.”  It’s an excellent tool to help you assess the themes that will be prominent in the next year – the next 12 months until the Sun returns yet again to its natal place, on your next birthday. 


A Solar Return is a common practice and a good start for someone new to Astrology or for long-term seekers who already use Astrology as a form of guidance and self-awareness.


Treat yourself for your birthday by getting a snapshot of the year ahead. This will guide you in where to focus your energy for the coming year to maximize performance and you’ll get insights about the timing of opportune and/or challenging times to come in the year.  You’ll see how the experience will connect you even more to Life and the Cosmos.  “As above, so below.” (1 hour, 95 €)

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Birth Time Rectification: For those who don't know or are unsure of their birth time

Rectification is the name of the traditional method astrologers use to uncover or to refine the birth time.  The time of birth isn't available to some for different reasons, and there are others who have a general time.  This is better than guessing, but precision is incredibly helpful when it comes to Astrology and other practices.

Knowing your birth time opens an endless world of possibilities for self discovery.  It's the starting point for astrological inquiry and relates to calculating the birth chart, your personal template and map.  Without an accurate time, doubt can be left on how accurate information shared can be and it leaves holes of knowledge that would otherwise be available and give deep meaning into your life.  

Trained in some techniques of kinesiology and as a Somatic Therapist, I understand the precious nature of what the body holds.  The body remembers your birth time. In combination with traditional means of birth time rectification and using the traditional "muscle test" from kinesiology, I can help you discover your birth time or refine it to be more exact.  This information is useful for many techniques, including Astrology, Human Design & Gene Keys, among other things.  Your birth time is your starting point on  this physical plane of reality and the information given can guide, inspire and teach you about your path. (Only available in-person, 1 -1.5 hours and includes discussing parts of your chart and current transits, 120€)




Reading in the Moment

In Astrology it is commonly said “As above, So below,” meaning what’s happening above is a reflection of our life on Earth, not a cause.  This empowers and doesn’t debilitate.  This gives understanding, meaning and opportunities for expanded consciousness.


The map within (birth chart) is constantly activated as the planets move above us every day.   Doing an Astrology reading at any moment is an opportunity to gain insight and understanding for what you are facing.  It’s a means for seeing reality from another perspective, using astrological language and meaning. 


An astrological reading gives insight into the timing of a difficult moment, and it helps us understand, accept, and reflect on what we are going through or have just went through.  This helps us cope with the ups and downs of life, from small changes to transformative moments. (1 hour 85€ or 30 min 45 €) 



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