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Counseling Astrology:
Astrology for Wellbeing & Personal Development

Astrology is a sacred language that enables us to live with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.  I refer to Astrology as a tool for personal development and self-knowing as I use it from a psychological and evolutionary perspective.  It's an incredible resource for self knowing, self mastery and personal empowerment.

My evenings are taken up very largely with astrology. I make horoscopic calculations in order to find a clue to the core of psychological truth. - Carl Jung

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Birth Chart Reading

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born. As the planets represent archetypes within ourselves, this provides a unique map for each of us that illustrates strengths, talents, and potential.


Learning more about your birth chart offers continuous opportunities for self-awareness and self-compassion in addition to getting direction on how to apply your strengths and talents to your life and how to take full advantage of opportunities and challenges as they present themselves.


Knowing your birth chart will empower you to make better decisions in any area of your life today and when the need arises.  Your birth chart is foundational knowledge and therefore  a constant go-to for your life path and essence.  For a first time Reading, this is the best way to start.  

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Solar Return/Birthday Reading

In astrological terms, a birthday is when the Sun returns to the same position it was at the day you were born, therefore called a “Solar Return.”  It’s an excellent tool to help you assess the themes that will be prominent in the next year – the next 12 months until the Sun returns yet again to its natal place, on your next birthday. 


A Solar Return is a common practice and a good start for someone new to astrology or for long-term seekers who already use astrology as a form of guidance and self-awareness.


Treat yourself for your birthday by getting a snapshot of the year ahead. This will guide you in where to focus your energy for the coming year to maximize performance and you’ll get insights about the timing of opportune and/or challenging times to come in the year.  You’ll see how the experience will connect you even more to Life and the Cosmos.  “As above, so below.”


Reading in the Moment

In astrology it is commonly said “As above, So below,” meaning what’s happening above is a reflection of our life on Earth, not a cause.  This empowers and doesn’t debilitate.  This gives understanding, meaning and expanded consciousness.


The map within (birth chart) is constantly activated as the planets move above us every day.   Doing an Astrological Reading at any moment is an opportunity to gain insight and understanding for what you are facing.  It’s a means for seeing reality from another perspective, using astrological language and meaning. 


An astrological reading gives insight into the timing of a difficult moment, and it helps us understand, accept, and reflect on what we are going through or have just went through.  This helps us cope with the ups and downs of life, from small changes to transformative moments. One hour or Quick Readings (30 minutes) are available.



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