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AstroConstellation™ Circle

Monday, April 8th at 7:00 pm CEST 

Join the Circle for the Total Solar Eclipse and Aries New Moon

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AstroConstellation™ is a fusion of  Systemic Constellations with Astrology, psychological astrology to be specific. This makes the constellations astrology-informed and phenomenological.  Like any other constellation experience, AstroConstellation™ brings elements of your birth chart into the constellation.  Join us and meet yourself in a new way, embody the astrology in you!

Astrology is a tool for personal development, self-knowledge and greater awareness while Systemic Constellations works on a systems level, to understand the connection and interplay between the parts. These two approaches complement one another to support seekers in their path of development, awareness and expansion.  Embodying the map inside of you will bring it further to consciousness and therefore active, useful and meaningful in your life.

Monday, April 8th: During the monthly online Circle, we will start with an opening exercise (meditation, constellation, activity) to connect with the energy of the moment, the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries.  We will discuss characteristics of an eclipse and in Aries and what this could mean for you in your life now, as we start the astrological year.  Much of this depends on where this Eclipse falls in your specific chart, because New and Full Moons are most impactful when they hit meaningful spots on your individual birth chart; however, an eclipse impacts the collective so it will impact us all in some way or another.  Then there will be time for two AstroConstellation on any subject.  There is one spot open for an Issue Holder and based on time, the other constellation will be chosen at random.  An AstroConstellation™ Circle is a Healing Circle like any other constellation event.  

*Brussels: 7:00 pm (Central European Standard Time, CEST)

*Tel Aviv: 8:00 pm

*Dubai: 10:00 pm

*New Delhi: 11:30 pm
*London: 6:00 pm
*New York/Toronto: 2:00 pm

*Chicago: 1:00 pm
*Denver: 12:00 pm
*Los Angeles/Vancouver: 11:00 am

Check the time in your city here:

Price: 55 Euros 

Issue Holder: 125 Euros

(*One spot is ensured to constellate and details of your personal BirthChart will be shared and discussed in relation to the constellation, so this is a constellation and astrology for you personally. The other constellation spot will be chosen at random.)

*Your birth details will be asked at registration and you choose if your chart can be shared with the group for learning purposes, if the opportunity arises.

*All participants are asked to stay the full duration of the event.

*As this is a group activity where we work in service to one another, it's required to use your camera.

*Register on the website and Zoom details will be sent to you before the Circle begins.
*For the best experience, it's recommended that you use a computer instead of a mobile phone, and each person should have their own device.
*This event will not be recorded.

See you in a Circle! 


Contact: Meghan +32 468 455 273

Meghan is an internationally recognized speaker and presenter on the subject of Family Constellations.  In addition, she is a Somatic & Trauma Therapist and Counseling Astrologer.  She reads charts and does readings for Astrology clients but Meghan primarily uses Astrology with her therapy clients letting elements of the birthchart guide and complement the therapeutic process.  

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