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There are different ways, or settings, for doing a constellation. The most traditional form is in a group.  Individual and online sessions are both available as well with more frequency.  More details about each setting can be found below.

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Constellations started as a therapeutic process done in a group setting, or workshop.  Another person, best a stranger in fact, represents someone that is part of the conflict you are trying to resolve or is an element of yourself in the case of a "self constellation."   The parts interact naturally showing the story between them and therefore illustrating the reality of the situation.  A group setting gives form to the topic being constellated and makes it easier to interpret because of the images that emerge.  A common question comes up: How is it that the people react as they do?  Your "field" or personal "system" is the answer.  For science lovers, this has basis in quantum mechanics and is explained by a morphic field. 



Like in a workshop setting, an individual family constellation begins with you, the client, setting up a representation of your "inner image", which is the image you have of your family situation or the topic you are constellating. The family members or elements of the topic are represented by figures or floor mats and the objects act as a stand-in for people in a group setting. Movements are made, relationships between the parts are viewed and a new image eventually emerges, an image of healing or resolution.  In an individual setting, the client and I together enter the “field” and work through the process together. An individual session has the potential to be just as powerful as a workshop setting, and the primary benefits are more privacy and no scheduling restrictions.  

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Online constellations like the other modalities shows the same initial images and relationships between the parts.  An online constellation has many advantages, primarily for scheduling and/or geographic challenges. If you start your therapeutic process with me and want to continue despite distance, this is a perfect way.  A combination of Skype and an online platform is used to execute the constellation. For beginners, an individual or workshop setting is recommended. Unless someone is already familiar with constellations, an online session could be limiting...but then again, maybe not!  It depends on you and your field!