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There are different ways, or settings, to do a Constellation and finding the right way to start for you takes some consideration.   


Constellation work started and is still widely practiced by working in a group with strangers and seekers like you.  Traditionally called "representatives," I like to refer to anyone who joins a group as a "Space Holder" as they are participating and holding space for a healing movement and/or solution to come forth.  They will "represent" parts of the story, and the relationship between the parts is revealed in the interactions between the parts.  Often Space Holders/representatives will have insights of their own or even deeper healing.  Constellation Circles happen once  a month in Brussels and online.  See more about the group setting below. 


Individual sessions, either in-person in Brussels or online are available for immediate needs and for more privacy.  If working in a group doesn't feel right, working 1:1 is a great option.  More details about each setting can be found below and a go here Meghan's recommendation on how to get started with Constellations.  You can also schedule a 20 minute Get-to-Know-Meghan to talk it over and together decide which approach is best to get started.  

For times of transition and if more questions come up than a one time Constellation can solve, consider the Journey Package which is part of the Constellation Path.  This way of working becomes a process, rather than a solution-based approach and it differs from the Integrative Approach when more support is needed.


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Constellation work started as a therapeutic process done in a group setting, or Constellation Circle.  During a Circle, another person represents someone or something that is part of the issue you are trying to resolve/find insight in service to the person constellating.  The parts interact naturally showing the story between them and therefore illustrate the reality of the situation.   Often while representing, representatives have insights of their own. The work is magical in the sense that everyone benefits, not just the client constellating.  That's why I refer to them as Healing Circles.  The outcome and goal is to bring you greater awareness, order and understanding to any problem you are facing. 


A good way to start is by coming to a Constellation Circle as a Space Holder/representative.  This way  you will see what Constellation work can resolve and experience for yourself the power of the technique.  Bringing a question is also an option by coming as an Issue Holder.  Circles take place monthly either online or in Brussels.  



Like in a Circle setting, an individual family constellation begins with you setting up a representation of your "inner image", which is the image you have of your family situation or the topic you are constellating. The family members or elements of the topic are represented by figures or floor mats and the objects act as a stand-in for people in a Constellation Circle/group setting. Movements are made, relationships between the parts are revealed and a new image eventually emerges, an image of healing and resolution.  As an Issue Holder in a group, you often watch and have a more passive role where in this case you and I will be representing the different parts, so the experience is more active all together. 


An individual session has the potential to be just as powerful as a Circle setting, and it is recommended if you prefer privacy and/or need an immediate session. 

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ONLINE SESSIONS - Circles & Individual Sessions

Working is an excellent option for either individual sessions or in a group setting, which take place once or twice a month using Zoom.  Online constellations like the other modalities shows the same initial images and relationships between the parts.    Working online can be your introduction to Constellation work, or you could try something in-person first to better translate it later to the online approach. 


See Testimonials for reviews of online Circles and individual sessions. 

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