Like in a workshop setting, an individual family constellation begins with you, the client, setting up a representation of your "inner image", which is the image you have of your family situation or the topic you are constellating. The family members or elements of the topic are represented by figures or floor mats and the objects act as a stand-in for people in a group setting. In an individual setting, the client and I together enter the “field” and work through the process together. An individual session has the potential to be just as powerful as a Circle setting, and the primary benefits are more privacy and no scheduling restrictions.  



Online constellations like the other modalities shows the same initial images and relationships between the parts.  An online constellation has many advantages, primarily for scheduling and/or geographic challenges.  In this day and age, it has grown and made Constellations more accessible to all people.  A combination of Zoom and an online platform is used to execute the constellation. For beginners and if able, an individual or workshop setting is recommended to start, although there is so right way to start your Constellation journey.  See you online!



Known as 'Three in One Concepts ®' in the United States, this tool is based on the unique integration of research and development in the field of Applied Kinesiology (AK).  Kinesiology is a bodywork therapy that works on all aspects of health – physical, nutritional, mental, emotional and spiritual.  It's a worldwide practice that uses the wisdom of the body to heal and change patterns.  I work on the emotional level and an Emotional Sequence that comes from either your cellular memory, subconscious or conscious.  This is an individual therapy that is exceptional for improving and changing difficult emotional patterns as well as limiting beliefs.  This therapy uses the wisdom of the body to answer and direct healing by means of a muscle test.

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