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A Powerful and Innovative Approach to Problem Solving

Organizational and professional constellations are less personal as they work any issue related to your professional life, or the life of an organization for managers and owners.   They are less emotional by nature, although they can still reach a family and/or personal level if that is the where the origin of the difficulty comes from.  At the same time,  finding the origin of a conflict is often times less important with this type of constellation than getting a reading on the situation and then finding the best solution to go forward.  Therefore you could consider it an innovative approach to "problem solving."

Common topics for a professional constellation: Conflicts between bosses, employees, or clients; deciding to stay or leave a current company/position; deciding between different projects, products or locations; the possible reconciliation or not of one's personal and professional life, and finally success versus failure.

Common topics for an organizational constellation: testing the structure of an organization and/or the possibility of restructuring; selling or merging with another company; changing managers, staff members, or locations; conflicts or inefficiencies between departments, and finally success of the organization versus failure.


Sandra is the owner of a store, which was her fathers at one point.  Because of difficulties with a long-term employee, she wanted to constellate the possibility of firing him.  Since the employee had been with her for many years, the decision was difficult to make, and she also considered how it would impact the store and the rest of the staff.  Through the images that the constellation revealed, it showed that the employee was still dedicated to his work but that he wasn't respecting his real authorities.  In fact he was looking to a fellow colleague for more direction than from his actual manager or the owner.  Sandra's suspicion that he had a personal conflict with her was confirmed, and the constellation showed that his manager was in fact not very present in his position as originally thought.  This contributed to the confusion on who to report to and was something Sandra had not realized.  Through the images of this organizational constellation, Sandra was able to clarify her doubts about what decision to make, and she gained more insight about other staff members and the structure of the management team at the same time.


Rodrigo worked for the government, in the public sector, where the rules and timing of changing positions worked at a different pace than that of the private sector.  He was not only getting tired of his current position, but was thinking of changing institutions and needed time to plan ahead.  His ambitions had played out many possibilities in his head of potential career moves, although he wasn't sure which if any were feasible.  Additionally, his final goal was to return to his place of origin and he wanted to see what "path" would be best for that in the long-term.  We tested the different possibilities before him, seeing which steps worked in harmony with others and what steps could lead to his final goal of returning to his hometown.  The constellation gave him some insights about paths to take, and it also revealed that he was looking for only his job to satisfy him and underestimating the importance of his personal life outside of the office.  He left the session feeling more guided but also had a new perspective about the balance between work and play.


Barbara had been working freelance for many years successfully and was currently very happy with her projects.  The problem was that there was no guarantee the work would continue once the contract expired next year.  In the meantime, she learned about a potential new opportunity that could guarantee her a more long-term contract in a company, however, the work itself and the environment were less appealing.  The real challenge was knowing what option would best suit her for the long-term, and would she risk losing a job that she really liked by chasing stability and the possibility of a longer-term contract?  We tested her feelings toward each possibility and then added additional elements important to her for her working life, including passion, the environment, the potential for growth, salary, and long-term happiness.  A constellation is not an oracle, and the information gained from her field gave her insights for the present moment; however, she was able to get a new perspective on what matters most, and in the end, she decided that she would rather risk the contract not being renewed than lose the freedom and enjoyment she had in her current job.


Five years ago David purchased a hostel with his girlfriend.  They worked and managed it together for many years, and it was a happy and new time in his life both personally and professionally.  The couple never married and unfortunately separated several years later.  Although the relationship ended, the partnership of the hostel did not, and he was unclear if he wanted to sell his share all together or continue with a new partner since his girlfriend wanted to sell her half.  Were there potential buyers for it?  Did he really want to sell and move on to something new?  This constellation shows clearly that there were two systems at play, his family and personal life and professional life at the hostel.  The constellation revealed that even though the couple had separated, there were still emotions and feelings that were affecting his ability to make a professional decision.  The constellation had a personal element to it that we worked through and then the different possibilities of what to do were tested.  The field showed a high potential for new buyers and overall it appeared he wanted to move on all together from this project.  However, after the session he felt lighter and less burdened by what decision to make and was struck to see that the emotional side of the story had been blocking him.  He thought he had closed the story.  By discovering this, he had greater peace knowing that the next step to take would appear naturally, and he was less in a hurry to make a decision.


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