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My Story

In my own life journey, using constellations has been a before and after experience.  Born and raised in Colorado in the United States, I first discovered the work in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I lived for many years.  I found Constellations in a moment of change and immediately the method spoke to my heart in a profound way.  It also ignited a deep desire to learn and discover more.  Systemic and Family Constellations has presented a way to learn and work on present questions as well as life-long questions.  Over the years it has given me insight for decision making, revealed the root causes of problems and set-backs, and been a powerful tool for both revealing and removing blocks in my path.  Constellation work has facilitated tremendous healing and personal discovery in my life.  Today it’s an honor to work with clients and see them experience the same. 

My first teacher and trainer was Anni Schuff in Buenos Aires, Co-founder of La Casa Escuela and Certified Facilitator and Academic Advisor for the Center of Latin American Constellations.  Secondly, I trained with Elmar Dornberger and Hemisphere Consulting in Boulder, Colorado.  I finished my training with an intensive two year program at Constelaciones Familiares Barcelona with Maria Crespo, a first generation facilitator.  In addition to these formal trainings, I have studied with and observed many of the biggest names in constellation work, including Bert Hellinger himself, Stephan Hausner, Franz Ruppert, Cecilio Fernandez Regojo, and Joan Garriga from Institut Gestalt Barcelona who brought constellations to Spain. 


I am also a trained facilitator in a technique called Systemic Ritual® developed over many years by Daan Van Kampenhout.  This method brings together elements of shamanism and family constellations to give a more spiritual approach to constellation work versus a therapeutic approach in traditional constellations. 


My training and personal experience alike with such a diverse group of facilitators has given me a wide range of techniques and approaches to follow with my clients.  Both have been instrumental in allowing me to create and be comfortable in my own constellation style today.  More about my professional training in Constellations and other tools can be found below this page.



Meghan's Professional Training

  • Organizational & Professional Constellations - Buenos Aires, Argentina (2014): SECI/Center of Latin American Constellations, Anni Schuff

  • Systemic Constellations & the Field - Boulder, Colorado/USA (2015): Hemisphere Consulting, Elmar Dornberger

  • Constellations for Couples Intensive Workshop - Barcelona, Spain (2015): Institut Gestalt, Joan Garriga

  • Family & Systemic Constellations Training & Supervision - Barcelona, Spain (2015-2017):  Centro Espai Obert, Maria Crespo

  • Advanced Constellation Facilitator Training & Art Therapy - Online (2020-2021): Pia Kalhof

  • Systemic Ritual® Training - Berlin, Germany (2017-2019): Daan van Kampenhout 


  • Kinesiology, Three in One Concepts® - Barcelona, Spain (2016): Vida Kinesiología, Francesca Simeon

  • The Silva Method & Silva Life System - Galway, Ireland (2020): Joyful Journeys, Claire Lombard


  • Practitioner of Analysis Bioenergetics/Body-based therapy & psychotherapy - Madrid, Spain (2017-2021): Center for Bioenergetics Spain

  •  Member of the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (IIBA) (2018 to Present)


  • Casa XI Astrological School - Buenos Aires, Argentina (2016 - 2019)

  • Faculty of Astrological Studies - London, England (2020 to the Present, ongoing studies)

  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Marketing - Colorado Mesa University (1997-2001)

  • Master in Linguistics, emphasis in the Spanish language - University of Colorado, Denver (2008-2012) 

  • Master coursework at the University of Buenos Aires, Facultad de Letras (2010-2011) 

Constellations & Systemic Work Achievements