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Constellations for Couples & Families


As individuals we come from a family of origin and in a couple's relationship, we bring this family of origin to the relationship.  It shows up as our reactions, interactions and beliefs, among other things.   In a Constellation for a couple, we look at the way the Family Trees of both partners influence the dynamics of  Love flowing between them.  We will take a look at the unconscious bonds of each parter and the effect on it on the present.  

When a couple is born, a new system is also born that is made up of what came before it.  It's common to still be connected and feel loyal to our own families and put the family of our partner second, or to view it as "less important," which will without a doubt lead to misunderstanding, lack of collaboration or something worse.  In Constellation language and in this approach, success of a couple is based on the inclusion of both family systems with a spirit of equality.  This can be challenging when partners come with children from previous marriages and in this case, Constellations for a Blended Family work wonders - see below. 


As Constellations work systemically, the approach takes into consideration the bigger systems you are a part of (like family of origin) and looks at the flow of love or what is blocking that flow from the connections within the bigger system.  The guiding principles we follow in Constellations serve to create order, balance and understanding for the now based on what happened beforehand.

Working with couples using Constellation work presents a fantastic way to show the influence of "what we bring" to the couple as well as the influence of our actions, lifestyle, or choices among other things on the other and overall health of the relationship without having to only talk it through.  This is because like any Constellation work, the hidden dynamics of any dysfunction are easily revealed.  Working through them afterwards can and is often part of the process as well, which can be discussed if more regular work together is needed.  In this case we would meet more regularly and discuss circumstances, issues that came up during the week, learn how to co-regulate with one another (nervous system regulation) and work toward a greater flow of love and understanding.   


As individuals we come from a family of origin and in a couple's relationship, we bring this family of origin with us through our reactions, beliefs and interactions. This can be challenging enough, so when a partner comes with children from a previous marriage, and if there are new children or not,  how does the new and merged family work together?   How much does that "what was" affect the "what is"? 

Merging new systems when there are previous parts the influence the present can be quite challenging and bring our dynamics that didn't exist before just between the couple.  Like the picture illustrates, how do all the puzzle pieces best fit together and how do we handle the process of the pieces coming together?  Systemic Constellations is an innovative way to show the inner workings of any system and to reveal the hidden connections that influence the present.  Working through the issues at home is also part of the process and if more support is needed during these times of transition, meeting more regularly can be discussed.  To schedule an appointment for a Constellation on the subject of Blended Family, follow the purple button above and make an appointment for a Couples Constellation.  

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