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Systemic Ritual® has been developed over many years by Daan Van Kampenhout and brings together elements of Family Constellations and shamanic ritual to create a beautiful and powerful way of working with personal, family and systemic issues.

Systemic Ritual can bring resources, insights and offer shifts of understanding and healing at the level of the soul. There are many different forms of working systemically which may include working with representatives for people or issues, the energy of the directions, ceremony, song, drum, rattle, the ancestors and many more. Each ritual, whether individual or in group, seeks inspiration from the spirits and includes prayer requesting for the insights, resources and healing that is being sought.

Compared to traditional Systemic & Family Constellations, Systemic Ritual is more spiritual in nature.  By using ritual, elements of trauma or generational trauma can be touched in a ceremonial sense, to create movements of the soul.  Also unlike traditional Constellations, Systemic Ritual allows for collective constellations, where everyone is constellating and in ceremony together by means of a group ritual. 


I am a trained Systemic Ritual facilitator, and I incorporate elements of this teaching in my Constellation work, particularly where ancestors are concerned.  Various tools are used for ritual work, including the Ancestor Field and the Wheel of the Four Directions as seen below, which I teach about and use often for group exercises in Constellation Circles.  I find that clients looking for a viewpoint beyond a traditional Constellation, or someone who lives close to and interacts with the Spirit World, benefits greatly and often prefers Systemic Ritual.   Individual sessions are available as well as group rituals. 

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