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Known as 'Three in One Concepts ®', this tool is based on the unique integration of research and development in the field of Applied Kinesiology (AK).  Kinesiology is a worldwide practice that uses the wisdom of the body to heal and change patterns by testing muscles for strength and weakness with the purpose of helping to remove anything that causes stress and prevents someone from enjoying optimum health. 


The tool I use focuses primarily on the emotional level and is exceptional for relieving stress, improving and changing difficult emotional patterns as well as limiting beliefs.  On an energetic level, our beliefs enter our body through its many meridians and stay fixed in our muscles; therefore, it is the muscle itself that knows how to change and break free of these limiting beliefs or challenging emotions.  In each session, we are able to see where the source of the belief or emotion is: in the present and our consciousness, in our subconscious or within our body and cellular memory.  The body is capable of correcting itself in the moment or indicating how to heal and work towards change days or weeks after a session.

I trained and learned from Francesca Simeón, an international trainer and the Founder of Vida Kinesiología in Barcelona, Spain.  Francesca has spent her life working as a Psychologist and Kinesiologist and learned from various teachers in the United States, including Gordon Stokes, Candace Callaway and Daniel Whiteside, creators of 'Three In One Concepts ®’ One Brain®, which is practiced around the world.    

















*Training recognized by the International Kinesiology College.

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