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Individual Therapy & FAQs

My approach to therapy is one that serves the whole person - the body, mind and spirit.  

As I have developed my toolbox over the years, in working with you I integrate my skills based on what is most needed and useful for you and your unique needs.  With an understanding of human development, this type of attention focuses on a process of development and the relationship we establish together rather than a brief and solution-based approach that the Constellation Path offers. 

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When one seeks therapy, there is a need for support, guidance, understanding, resolution or change, among other things.  In addition to feeling safe, understood and supported, the right person is who you feel can and will lead you to your own insights, healing and expansion.  

As there is no 'one size fits all' model, my training includes several techniques that complement one another and work together for your benefit.  My commitment to you is to work toward gaining a new perspective first and foremost, because it is greater awareness and a new perspective that will heal and give you the power to choose for yourself.  The way I work is very much about finding what is in the way and working with it.  This in return frees up space within, gives understanding to why things have worked out as they have and empowers one to blaze a trail ahead.


Having worked with Constellations for many years now, much of my lens is for what happened beforehand that could be affecting our life now.  We may work with inner parts Constellations or mini exercises to bring more awareness and a new perspective to different issues you're facing, but integration of what we can discover in a Constellation happens a different way.  It is my experience and belief that working with the Body|Mind connection is key for integration, emotional processes and stress and trauma release and recovery.  I am a trained therapist in Bioenergetics, an expressive Body|Mind psychotherapy, a student of Somatic Experience and a firm believer in the benefit of learning about the nervous system and its effect on our health and wellbeing today for it is through our nervous system that we experience reality.  

Working with me this way, the goal is to first build a strong foundation and more internal capacity to be able to face the challenges that come up in the here and now.  This is also how we integrate what is learned and discovered along the way.  Often sessions will be active and body-focused, because trauma and stress are stored in the body.  The foundation and capacity I speak of are related to finding and creating enough safety to sustain going deeper and safety isn't a cognitive experience. This means that it can't be created in the brain alone and must instead come by working with the body.  

Common reasons for therapy: 

  • Anxiety and stress 

  • Relationship issues

  • Burnout, chronic fatigue 

  • Trauma recovery, developmental trauma, PTSD etc.

  • Loss/lack of confidence, self-esteem, ambition, or direction 

  • Family issues / Couples issues

  • Depression

  • Addiction issues

  • Grief and loss

  • Illnesses

  • Phobias

  • Panic attacks

  • Post Covid symptoms

  • Integration after psychedelic experiences, mushrooms/ayahuasca etc. (Could be a brief process, to bring your experience to the present and the body)

With the button below, you can schedule a 20 minute free call to learn more, to get to know me and see if what I offer is a good fit, or even a good starting point for you.

With appreciation,


Integrative Therapy FAQs

Who can benefit from therapy?

Therapy is useful for anyone who wants to explore difficulties in their life, to discover what is nourishing
and what is less fulfilling in their lives, to develop awareness of how to relate and interact with other people
and to reach their unique potential, among many other things

Where do you practice? 

My office is located in Watermael Boitsfort in Brussels, near the Hippodrome.  It is easily accessible with public transport, including Tram 8 and the Hippodrome/Renbeeck stop that is just 5 minutes away.  The Boondael train station is 10 minutes away by foot as well, with several trains all day long, tram 8, 25 and bus 41.  There is paid street parking for those who come by car.  Address: Avenue du Perou 77; Brussels, 1000

*I also work at two other locations in Brussels, Shanti Home in Forest and Healing Stories in Ixelles.  The location will depend on the day and time of our appointment. 

What is the price of a session?

The price of a session is 60€ per (1 hour). I operate a sliding scale for students and anyone unemployed.  Get in touch if this is your case.  On occasion I might recommend a Family/Systemic Constellation in our work together and prices range from 120€ to 135€ for individual sessions, or 95€ to 135€ for a spot in a Constellation Circle (online and/or in-person)

What is the cancellation policy?

If notice is given 24 hours prior to the session and it is possible to reschedule, then no fees are charged.
If the session is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or for no-shows, the session will be charged at its regular price.

How long will therapy last?

Our work together will be done on an open-ended basis that is mutually agreed upon by both of us. Therapy can be done on a short-term basis (ex. a few months) or weekly sessions for a longer period of time.  It all depends on the nature of the topics you bring to explore in therapy.  Before the process of working together comes to an end, a closing session is required to wrap up the work we did together.  

*During the process of therapy, and only with the authorization and agreement of the client, some sessions will be recorded for the purpose of supervision.  Recordings will be kept private and only used for supervision and for my continued development as your therapist. 


I work in English and Spanish.

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