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Stories from the Field - Chapter 43
Hosted by Meghan Kelly

Conversations for Systemic & Family Constellations facilitators

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The Field, commonly known as “The Knowing Field” is where and how a constellation takes place.  It is the energy field that guides and informs, and it is for the facilitator to work within it to lead a client to resolution, reconciliation or simply a movement.  An important step in a facilitator's journey is learning to trust this Field and be led by it.


Now working online, our experiences with it are growing and we are learning how to work with it as we did when we began our journey as facilitators.  For these reasons I'd like to host facilitators to talk about our experience in this "Knowing Field" and share "Stories from the Field" to grow even more in its magical language.  The goal of these conversations is to connect facilitators, share experiences--particularly those that strengthened your connection with the Field--and give room to this amazing part of the work that we know and love.


*Open to new and experienced Constellations facilitators alike.

*One conversation per month and spots are limited to ten facilitators each time.

*The Zoom link and details will be sent to you the same day of the event via email.

*If after registering you find that you can't attend, please write me so I can open the spot to someone else.

*You are required to use your camera for this conversation to take part in the group.


Join me on Thursday, September 26th at 3:30 pm (Central European Standard Time/Brussels time) and check the time here for your city:

2:30 pm - London
4:30 pm- Tel Aviv / Istanbul

8:30 pm - Dubai

7:00 pm - New Delhi

11:30 pm - Sydney 
9:30 am - New York / Toronto

8:30 am - Chicago

7:30 am - Denver 

6:30 am - Los Angeles / Vancouver

See you soon!


*Stories from the Field is now recognized and listed as part of the Constellator's resource page, the Facilitator-Directory.  In appreciation! 

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