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Get to the Origin to Move Forward

Constellations is a therapeutic technique for the body, mind, and spirit.  It is used to discover the underlying dynamics of a problematic situation, therefore revealing what one can't see with the normal eye.  In one session the origin of a problem is revealed and steps are taken toward healing and resolution.   It gives you access to the "living map" you hold within and shows the relationship between the parts, such as with family members, ancestors or even parts of yourself, to facilitate a healing process.   The experience will bring you greater awareness, order and understanding to any problem you are facing now or that you have inherited from the past.

1:1 Sessions


The ideal choice if you want personalized sessions that are tailored to meet your needs and goals.

Circles & Workshops


Begin your journey by attending a monthly Constellation Circle or Special Workshop on different themes.

Online Courses


Explore wellness and the path of consciousness through creative online courses.




A package of six constellations to guide you during a time of change and transition.