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Build Your Relationship with the Wheel of the Four Directions

Learn how to use the Wheel for yourself and/or to complement your practice

Systemic Ritual® has been developed over many years by Daan van Kampenhout and brings together elements of Family Constellations and shamanic ritual to create a beautiful and powerful way of working with personal, family, systemic and collective issues. 


One of the key elements of Systemic Ritual® is the Wheel of the Four Directions, which is a variation of the traditional medicine wheel that has been used for centuries by many cultures around the world.  Each culture has its own version and interpretation of the Wheel; however, there are similarities between all Wheels, including the round shape and the fact that it encompasses all the different aspects of our reality—the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—and connects these aspects with the natural and outer world.   Medicine wheels are believed to represent the circle of awareness of the individual self and the circle of knowledge that provides the power we each have over our own lives.  Working with a medicine wheel expands your perception, to the view that each direction gives, and it provides resources from each direction that can be called upon at any time.


In “Build your Relationship with the Wheel of the Four Directions,” you will learn the basics of each direction and the connection between the four parts that will enable you to practice and create your own rituals.   And to support you as you work with the Wheel, you will learn about the principles of prayer, intention, building an alter and connecting to Spirit.   Specifically during this five-part course, you will learn:

  • how to create personal rituals with the Wheel

  • how to create Collective constellations with the Wheel, or group rituals

  • how to use the Wheel as part of a Constellation

  • rituals for a variety of needs including family and ancestral, practical rituals for professional and everyday life, and rituals for self exploration

  • gain more confidence communicating with Spirit and recognizing its language 

  • expand your phenomenological vision and experience

*After each module you will receive a PowerPoint of all the rituals learned.


Each direction carries an energy, power and spirit of its own that when called upon can be a resource in any situation.  By getting to know the Wheel, you will gain a faithful teacher and companion for life.  This timeless practice will give you tools for personal use and/or for expanding and complementing your practice with clients.

Who is this course for? This course is for participants who have little to no knowledge of the Wheel, or participants who have worked with the Wheel but would like to deepen their knowledge and understanding.  Basic knowledge of the Wheel is needed for later Systemic Ritual courses.  

What do I need for the course? 

-A Wheel of the Four Directions

*A printable version is available for download, or a cloth version with pocket is available for purchase - see pictures.

-A notebook and pen/pencil for reflections

-20 to 30 small objects, including stones, crystals, shells, runes, coins, or candies/chocolates

-A drum, rattle or other instrument to use during rituals

-A Wheel drawn on paper with either colored pencils or paints

Schedule: Each session will be held on a Friday from 7:00 to 10:00 pm Central European Standard time (CEST)

* 6:00 to 9:00 pm (UK), *USA: Pacific time: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, Mountain time: 11:00 to 2:00 pm, Eastern time: 1:00 to 4:00 pm

  • **An adjusted schedule and plan will run again in 2022. Stay tuned for news.

Price: The price of the 5-part course is 275 Euros

*Pricing plans available. Write me to talk it over!

*With purchase of the course,  a cloth Wheel with pocket is available for 35 Euros + postage, making the course 310 Euros total.  You can see an example of the Wheel here.

Hours: Total 15 hours of instruction

*Active participation is required during each module with your camera on. It's ideal to participate in each module as there will be group activities. If you have to miss a module, a recording can be provided for it but not more than one module, or  you can make it up during another cycle of the course.
*Each cycle of the course will be limited to 10 participants to grow as a group and to ensure individual attention and enough time for questions.

About Meghan: 

Meghan is originally from Colorado in the United States and today lives and works in the international community of Brussels, Belgium.  She lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina for many years and it was while living in Latin America that she discovered both shamanism and constellations, although separately.  She later learned of the link between the two and followed the connection to find a dear teacher - Daan van Kampenhout - who combined both techniques.  Having later moved to Europe and following the path of her ancestors, Meghan has been fortunate to study with Daan in both Systemic Ritual® and ongoing with his shamanic teachings.  Shamanism first came into her life via dreams with the animal spirits that spoke in a new language that guided and inspired her, giving a new sense of reality.  Today this connection with Spirit and shamanic practices is apart of her everyday life and work with clients.


Meghan works as an Integrative Therapist giving clients an integral approach to healing and personal development. She incorporates a variety of techniques depending on the needs of the group or client, including Constellations and Ritual work, Astrology, Art Therapy, and Body work/Somatic Trauma work - specifically Bioenergetics Analysis and Kinesiology.  In terms of Constellation work, Meghan has been working as a facilitator since 2013 and is an official practitioner of Systemic Ritual®.  She has received her training from many teachers from different countries and cultures, including Argentina, Spain, the US, Germany and Norway and is accustomed to working with multicultural and multilingual groups.    

Module 1: Tools & Getting started

Friday, October 8th

Prayer & Intention 

Building an Alter

Connecting with Spirit and Guides

Introduction to the Wheel


Module 3: The South

Friday, November 5th

The Summer

In Full Bloom

Abundance of Possibilities

Summer Tree_edited.jpg

Module 5: The North

Friday, December 3rd

The Winter

Going Beyond Life to the Soul

Sitting in Silence & Connecting with the Ancestors

Winter Tree_edited.jpg

Module 2: The East

Friday, October 22nd

The Spring

Planting Seeds

New Beginnings

Spring Tree_edited.jpg

Module 4: The West

Friday, November 19th

The Autumn


Closing Cycles

Autumn Tree_edited.jpg

“Getting to know the Wheel and the Four Directions will help you to determine your own place, again and again. It doesn’t matter what phase of life you are in, what your mood is, if you are trying to get something started or if you are finishing a project; you can always find yourself back on the Wheel. And when you have found that place, the directions show you what your next step can be and how you can move on. The Wheel stimulates you to think and philosophize and can bring valuable insights along the way. The Wheel is also a practical tool that can help you to understand, direct and shape your daily life and spiritual development.”

— Daan van Kampenhout

From Participants:

Meghan turned out to be an amazing person for me, very gentle, supportive and this is what I take from her with great gratitude for her work. Walking hand in hand with the therapist very gently and carefully is now a real value.  I am very surprised at what I received, because I received much more than I expected. Getting acquainted with the Wheel was a great discovery for me. At some point, I realized that it is a great support too. - Olessia, Russia

The course served as a container for me to travel a journey of manifestation... from a question first expressed in doubt and fear, to receiving rich information, a core of clarity and natural action that represented more answer than I anticipated. The information and all that it generated for me lived with me daily throughout the weeks of the program. The visual of the wheel that I colored in myself was something I looked at daily (it hung clearly to my right of my desk, easy to look at often). I sense this was something of a symbolic space holder that guided the unfolding that took place in me over the weeks. All in all, the program brought in the magic from the Great Mystery - and that is something I absolutely love.  Meghan shows up as a powerful force of Nature when she steps into her role as a facilitator of processes and rituals that connect with the Great Mystery. She has a relationship with the field and the trust in its messages that allow for amazing revelation and the guidance that comes with it.  I'd entrust myself in Meghan's guidance anytime because I know for sure she aligns herself with the Great Mystery - and in that place, there is only wisdom and truth.

- Brenda, London

I did a Wheel of the 4 Directions ritual with Meghan and she is such an amazing guide and teacher. Her expertise is so on point.  She holds space with deep respect, gentleness and compassion while giving clear direction, practical support and insightful guidance. I felt completely safe, seen and understood in her presence, as well as inspired by her clear passion for her work. I recommend her!

- Julie, Belgium

Join me for the Course!

If you are in Europe and are able to make a bank transfer, please use the following account:

5-part course: 275 Euros

*Payment plan is possible, write me to talk it over. 

5-part course + wheel purchase: 310 Euros

Meghan Ann Kelly

IBAN: ES38 2100 2120 8802 0060 6443


(Country: Spain)

Payment via credit card and/or PayPal is also possible using the purple button. 

Thank you and I can't wait to work with you and the Wheel of the Four Directions together!