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Wheel of the Four Directions

This is a cloth wheel with pocket in the back, to hold your stones and objects for rituals.  It's machine washable and convenient for traveling and hosting workshops.  Size: 32 cm in diameter

Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 11.40.20.png

Contact Meghan if you'd like to purchase a Wheel for an upcoming course. 
-Wheel only: 39 Euros + postage to your address 
-Wheel + bag of 40 felt pebbles for rituals: 49 Euros + postage to your address

*Depending on your location and the urgency of sending, either BPost of DHL will be used for sending.  **BPost is used for non-urgent shipping in Europe and DHL is used for anything outside of Europe.

Whatsapp: +32 468 455 273

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