Constellation Circle for September
Sunday, September 19th

This is an open Constellation Circle for anyone and any topic.  There are three issue holder spots available.

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A constellation is a means for accessing the timeless map you hold within, linking the past to the present and the present to the future. It's a tool to find the origin of the problems we face today such as repeated patterns, blockages, relationship difficulties or health concerns, to name a few, and has the power to reveal hidden dynamics not visible to the normal eye. Then a healing exchange takes place and steps are taken to free you from the past and put you on a road to freedom, understanding and authenticity for your future.


There will be time for a small group activity and two to three constellations on any topic, open to anyone.  Come see the Knowing Field at work, now online.


Price to participate: 25 Euros

Price to constellate: 85 Euros 

*There are three spots available for constellations if you'd like to reserve your spot. 

*Modified price for students or if you are unemployed.


6:00-9:30 pm Brussels time (Central European Standard Time)


Starting times:

*London: 5:00 pm

*Buenos Aires: 1:00 pm

*New York: 12:00 pm

*Denver: 10:00 am

*Los Angeles: 9:00 am


*Register on the website and Zoom details will be sent to you.

*For the best experience, it's recommended that you use a computer instead of a mobile phone, and each person should have their own device.

*As this is a group activity where we work in service to one another, it's required to use your camera.

*This event will not be recorded.

*Participants are asked to stay the full duration of the event.


Contact: Meghan +32 468 455 273