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Nature Constellations in Brussels

An afternoon of Constellations outdoors using nature as part of the story

Saturday, September 10th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm

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All humans have an energy field, and did you know this energy field expands when you're in nature?  Nature is and can be a resource for all of us, no matter what your background is or where you've come from.  Using elements of nature during a Constellation is quite an experience!  Come experience the trees as other representatives, the container nature provides and other phenomena that might accompany us.  


About Constellations:

A constellation is a means for accessing the timeless map you hold within, linking the past to the present and the present to the future. It's a tool to find the origin of the problems we face today such as repeated patterns, blockages, relationship difficulties or health concerns, to name a few, and has the power to reveal hidden dynamics not visible to the normal eye. Then a healing exchange takes place and steps are taken to free you from the past and put you on a road to freedom, understanding and authenticity for your future. 


This will be an outdoors Circle where we will constellate any topic as usual.  The difference is in how we use the space around us, learn from it and draw strength from it.  We will start with a group activity, like a ritual or mini constellations and then as many constellations as time allows.  


Price: 25 Euros 


*Register on the website and prior to the event the specific meeting spot will be sent to you.  We will meet in Boitsfort near the Hippodrome.

*Assuming the weather will be sunny and dry, dress appropriately as we will only be outdoors. 


Contact: Meghan +32 468 455 273

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