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Supervision & Mentorship Program

Sharpen your skills | Gain confidence facilitating | Bring your practice to life 

Perhaps you find yourself with a lot of training and a lot of participation in Constellations, but you haven't taken the leap to facilitate your own groups.  Or perhaps you have started facilitating but you lack some trust in yourself and the Field.  

Whatever your circumstances, taking the step from training to doing is an essential step in the work of a facilitator and often this isn't considered in a training program.  Finding a mentor and supervisor is a way to bridge the gap.  



A Bit About Me


Background as a Constellation Facilitator

This will be the 9th year that I work with Constellations as a facilitator of groups and with individuals.  As nearly all my teachers were first-generational who worked closely with Hellinger, you could call me a second-generation facilitator.  Born and raised in the United States (Colorado), I first found Constellations when I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  A personal crisis led me to the first workshop and right away the approach lit a spark inside to know more.  As I started seeking more information about my family life and repeated patterns, I surprisingly found answers, and that initial spark of interest turned into a fire.  I became very passionate about healing my system and understanding why things in my life had happened the way they did. 

My first teacher was Anni Schuff in Buenos Aires, a facilitator and trainer who learned from Hellinger and Anngwyn St. Just.  After attending several workshops and seeing the power of Constellations, I joined a regular group with Anni that met every 2 weeks where we supported one another in all aspects, for long-term questions or current challenges.  It was here where I learned so much about the different applications of Constellation work. I started facilitator training in Buenos Aires after a year and a half of participation in the bi-weekly group, but in 2015 I ended up leaving Argentina when I found a training near my family with Elmar Dornberger in Boulder, Colorado.  This training was less about the foundational principles of Constellation work and more about trauma and the workings of the Field.  It was here when I learned to 'trust' the Field.

Later I traveled to Europe to continue the pursuit of Constellations from its origin.  The journey was a pilgrimage in the end, and during these months I returned to the land of my ancestors - Ireland - as a new citizen, and I visited facilitators and attended workshops/classes where I could in different countries.  A very memorable workshop was one with Joan Garriga in Barcelona, the one who first brought Hellinger and constellation work to Spain.  It was there where I met my now husband Gabriel.

I stayed in Barcelona for my foundational training with a highly skilled and experienced, first-generation facilitator - Maria Crespo.  Maria is a Hellinger-only facilitator and the training was strong in the foundational principles of Constellation work, including the Orders of Love, working with initial and final images, healing sentences and allowing the body to lead instead of the mind and dialogue, among other things.  The training was two years in total and the second year was entirely for supervision and leading groups. 

After many years of running my own groups and working with individuals, in 2020 I completed an Advanced Training with Pia Kalhof who works only with Hellinger's final work - Movements of the Spirit Mind Constellations.  Although this isn't my perferred way of working with the Field or in groups, I appreciate the method and find it incredibly powerful and effective with the right support in the Field.  In addition to formal trainings, I have attended workshops and observed many of the biggest names in constellation work, including Bert Hellinger himself, Stephan Hausner, Franz Ruppert, and Cecilia Regojo for Organizational Constellations.  A timeline of my studies and experience in systemic work can be found below.

After many years of working as a facilitator and now being connected to the global Constellation community online, I am inspired to mentor a new generation of facilitators.  

My Approach to Constellations & What makes me Unique

  • My Constellation teachers have come from a variety of influences, predominantly being a "Hellinger only" approach.  My approach to the Field is highly influenced by Hellinger, but with some other influences too.  I work phenomenologically and with enough structure for safety and clarity while working in the Field.

  • In addition to Constellation work, I am a certified Systemic Ritual practitioner which combines traditional constellations with shamanic ritual.  My Constellation approach today has influence from this and specifically from knowledge of working in the Ancestor Field.  I teach the principles of the medicine wheel used in this technique, the Wheel of the Four Directions.  Wisdom and knowledge of the Wheel of the Four Directions is the framework for the Inner Compass community that started in May 2022.  

  • I am trauma informed.  I am a practitioner of Psychosomatic bodywork from the Madrid Institute of Bioenergetics Analysis, am soon to finish my psychotherapist training in the same technique, a student of Somatic Experience and I have completed the year training in Systemic Trauma work as well with, Anngwyn St. Just who worked closely with Bert Hellinger and Peter Levine, both founders in their practice. 

  • I am an international speaker.  In 2021 and 2022 I was a featured speaker at the International Systemic Constellation Conference and was a select speaker for International Constellation Day in 2022. Presentations: "Working with the Knowing Field" (2021), "Ancestors as Resources" (2022) and "See through the Fear: A Constellation & Ritual Workshop" (2022) 

  • I am the host of the monthly event “Stories from the Field."  These conversations for facilitators by facilitators are about working in the Field and bring facilitators of all experience levels from all over the world.  The sharing is rich and will be used and considered in this mentorship program. 

  • I am a partner with Real Academy, Resources for Embodied and Ancestral Learning.  In 2020 I was a featured speaker on the course: "Resources for Beginner and Intermediate Facilitators 3"where I spoke about fertility, addiction and loving relationships, the subject I get most from clients.  Follow the link to my interview with Real Academy on what makes a good Constellations facilitator.

  • My bachelor degree is in Marketing and before leaving the United States I worked in Marketing Research for many years.  Although my heart wanted more and I didn't find fulfilment in marketing as a career, it has proven to be incredibly useful in building my own business.  My marketing background has been fundamental in building my Constellation practice and the business development and the business side of facilitation work will be considered as part of the mentorship program.

  • Since leaving the United States I’ve worked in a teaching and coaching capacity with groups and individuals as an English teacher in companies throughout the world.  Teaching is natural for me and now I'm excited to apply it to the work of Systemic and Family Constellations.

Mentorship Focus

  • Filling in the gaps of foundational knowledge to build stronger facilitation skills and confidence in the Field

  • Quarterly supervision Circles to support your work with clients and help bring blind spots to view

  • Focus on your skill sets based on your strengths and weaknesses, experience, and interests

  • Strategy and discussion on how to form groups to bring your practice to life and also how to work with small groups or individually 

  • Marketing and Social Media assistance: strategies and effective uses for building an image

  • Signature focus based on your personal Astrological birth chart 

Suggested Meeting Times

The quarterly mentorship meetings will be 3 to 4 hours and a time convenient for participants will be found, likely evening for European time zones and the morning/midday for time zones in the Americas.


Meghan Kelly 

Systemic & Family Constellation Facilitator & Supervisor

After many years of working as a facilitator and now being connected to the global Constellation community online, I am inspired to mentor a new generation of facilitators.  I find too many facilitators without guidance on how to bring their practice to life or how to take the theory learned to the Field, which is where they want to be anyway.  I also see a gap in knowledge which slowly takes away the power, credibility and seriousness of Constellation work.  I aim to help fill the gap to maintain integrity of the work and guide new generation facilitators to well represent Constellation work for the betterment of others. 

Let's bridge the gap together and take you to a new level in your work as a Constellation facilitator.   

See you in the Field,


Systemic & Family Constellation Experience

August 2013-December 2014

December 2014

January to May 2015

May 2015

October 2015 to May 2017

February 2016

October 2016

September 2016 & March 2017

September 2017 to June 2019

May 2020 to March 2021

February 2021

May 2021

January 2021 to December 2021

April 2022

May 2022

  • Bi-weekly Constellation group work - Buenos Aires, Argentina: SECI/Center of Latin American Constellations, Anni Schuff

  • Organisational & Professional Constellations Training: SECI/Center of Latin American Constellations, Anni Schuff and Ruben Tartaglia

  • Systemic Constellations & the Field - Boulder, Colorado/USA: Hemisphere Consulting, Elmar Dornberger

  • Constellations for Couples Intensive Workshop - Barcelona, Spain: Institut Gestalt, Joan Garriga
  • Family & Systemic Constellations Training & Supervision - Barcelona, Spain:  Centro Espai Obert, Maria Crespo

  • Bert Hellinger Intensive - Avila, Spain: Hellinger Sciencia®

  • Stephen Hausner Intensive - Barcelona, Spain: Institut Gestalt

  • Constellations and Trauma with Franz Ruppert - Barcelona, Spain: Meta Institut Sistèmic

  • Intensive in Professional and Organisational Constellations - Barcelona, Spain: Cecilio Regojo

  • Systemic Ritual® Training - Berlin, Germany: Daan van Kampenhout 

  • Advanced Constellation Facilitator Training & Art Therapy - Online: Pia Kalhof

  • Systemic Trauma Training Post Graduate - Online: Virtual University Systemic Trauma Work, Anngwyn St. Just

  • Presenter on International Constellations Day - April 23, 2022 - "Ancestors as Resources"

Mentorship Program and Pricing

Benefits Included in Mentorship Program

  • Participation in quarterly group Mentoring Circles where there will be teaching to fill in the gap of knowledge and strengthen foundational principles, exercises for inner work, group supervision and case studies and where mentees will get practice facilitating + feedback (March, June, September, December)

  • Two, one-hour individual sessions a month either for personal attention in building your practice or for supervision

  • Membership to the Inner Compass community where mini Constellations will regularly be used for wellness and burnout prevention 

  • Participation in a monthly online Circle with Meghan 

  • 10% discount on Special Workshops, online classes and individual constellations



Program & Pricing​

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*Starting from the time of purchase, as there is no defined start time for the Mentorship program.


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