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This is an open Constellation Circle for anyone and any topic.  There will be two constellations on any subject.

From Separation to Community
Group Rituals & Constellations 

Saturday, June 1st from 15h - 19h

Meet me for an afternoon of group rituals and constellations with the medicine wheel!

Together we will explore the paradox of separation and connection, from separation to community.

For most of us, our cultures in the Western world are cultures of separation and often isolation.  Both personal experience and science tell us that this is not how humans were meant to be – not how we used to be, not what’s possible as we heal, and not what humanity needs at this point in history.

In this workshop, Meghan will lead us through group rituals and Constellation exercises to explore the paradox of separation and connection, from separation to community, a subject that impacts us all.  This will be done using a combination of Constellation work and Systemic Ritual®, which brings together elements of Family Constellations and shamanic ritual to create a beautiful and powerful way of working with personal, family, systemic and collective issues.  One of the key elements of Systemic Ritual® is the Wheel of the Four Directions, which is a variation of the traditional Medicine Wheel that has been used for centuries by many cultures around the world. 

Whereas in Constellations, one person is the seeker, in Systemic Ritual, many people can participate as seekers at the same time, healing concerns that many/most of us have in common, though we may not realize it. One could refer to this way of working as Collective Constellations or, as ritual.  This workshop will be an interplay between (traditional) Constellations for your personal questions and group rituals on themes that impact us all, the feeling of separation vs. being in community.  

Date: Saturday, June 1st

Time: 15h to 19h

Location: PEOPLE PLANET PLACE - Rue Emmanuel Van Driessche 9, 1050 Ixelles

Price: 65 Euros

Make your payment to this account number:

Meghan Ann Kelly

BE84 3770 9125 9859

*For students or anyone unemployed, there is a discounted price. Get in touch if this is your case. 

**And once the transfer has been made, please email proof of payment to


What to bring (encouraged but not required):
-Bring your drum, rattle or any other instrument you would use in the rituals. 

-Bring 10-20 small objects, such as stones, seeds, coins, shells, or candies etc. 
-A notebook for reflections after exercises. 

*Participants are asked to stay the full duration of the event.  See you soon for this unique workshop! 


Contact: Meghan +32 468 455 273

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