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This is an open Constellation Circle for anyone and any topic.  There will be two constellations on any subject.

Collective Rituals
for Home & Our Roots

Thursday, October 26th from 18:30h to 21:30h

Join me for an evening of collective constellations and rituals with the medicine wheel!

Together and individually we will walk through the story of home for each of us.

Systemic Ritual® has been developed over many years by Daan van Kampenhout and brings together elements of Family Constellations and shamanic ritual to create a beautiful and powerful way of working with personal, family, systemic and collective issues. 


One of the key elements of Systemic Ritual® is the Wheel of the Four Directions, which is a variation of the traditional Medicine Wheel that has been used for centuries by many cultures around the world.  The Medicine Wheel encompasses all the different aspects of our reality—the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—and connects these aspects with the natural and outer world.   Working with a Medicine Wheel expands your perception, to the view what each direction gives, and it provides resources from each direction that can be called upon at any time.

As we entered the West direction on the Medicine Wheel with the energy of the Autumn Equinox, we welcome a time of reflection and slowing down.  In this workshop with the Wheel, there will be a little bit of teaching and rituals/exercises to explore themes of home and our roots.  We will explore these themes with rituals on the Wheel and constellation exercises.  Unlike a Family Constellation Circle, this event is for collective constellations and rituals.  In other words, we all work together on the same themes and not in service to one individual. 


Questions to consider:

*How do your feelings about your roots and/or past homes influence your view of home today?

*How would it strengthen you to include and revisit the different places, cities and/or countries you've called home before?

*What is there to gain from revisiting these times?

*As so many of us are away from our home countries and are making a home in this new land of Belgium, what clarity and strength would it add to revisit your roots and previous homes?

This event comes with the goal of bringing wholeness, putting the pieces (homes) together, to integrate and bring serenity to your current home and present reality.  

Date: Thursday, October 26th

Time: 18:30h to 21:30h

Location: PEOPLE PLANET PLACE - Rue Emmanuel Van Driessche 9, 1050 Ixelles

Price: 45 Euros

**For students or anyone unemployed, there is a discounted price. Get in touch if this is your case. 

*The Level 1 training of the Wheel is starting online in November and if you decide to do the course later, there will be a 25€ discount considering your participation in this workshop.  Course details can be found here

*Bring your drum, rattle or any other instrument you would use in the rituals. 

*Bring 10-20 small objects, such as stones, seeds, coins, shells, or candies etc. 
*Participants are asked to stay the full duration of the event.

See you in a Circle! 


Contact: Meghan +32 468 455 273

Register here
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