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Innovations in Constellations presents:
an International Showcase Live in London & Online

March 9th & 10th - 10:00 to 6:00 pm (UK time)

Innovations in Constellations presents two full days of innovations!

Join us on a livestream or in-person for a Constellation immersion encounter, a hands-on showcase on exploring unusual aspects of Systemic work.  

This is a live immersion that will showcase different ways of offering systemic work. Join, observe, learn new skills and participate in this group/individual process.  The 2 day event is open to Systemic Practitioners at all levels of experience, Constellation Professionals as well as Constellation Enthusiasts. Life Coaches, energy workers and healers of all modalities can also benefit from taking part.

The 2 day immersion will include session in the following areas:

Please Note: most workshops offers both personal work and practice opportunities.

  • Distant Healing Constellation™ - Create far-reaching healing rituals without having client/s present. A new and unusual way to facilitate the Constellation process.

  • Constellations & The Consciousness™-Centred Therapeutic Process Activating and utilising non-locality, the non-physical realm & TimeTravelling in Systemic Work, applying HypnoConstellation to create solid resourcing and healing possibilities for facilitator and client. Constellation as a futuristic 'technology' that is already here.

  • AstroConstellation™ - A workshop to present the fusion of Astrology with Systemic Constellations. Participants are invited to provide birth details for a personal chart/Constellation prior to session.

  • Art Therapy & Constellations - See how your art and creativity can be the starting point or inform a Constellation.

  • Constellations as a Timeline Hub™ - For facilitators, enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike; learn how to hold the Constellation session as an access point to a variety of timelines and open up a ‘hub’ of possibilities which are lead by free-will, for positive outcomes.

This 2 day event promises to be insightful and inspiring with new cutting-edge innovations presented, personal work, learning, practicing and networking opportunities to meet other like-minded travellers on the Constellation path.

Central European time: 11:00 to 7:00 pm 

USA: Eastern time - 7:00 am to 1:00 pm, Central time - 6:00 am to 12:00 pm 

Check the time in your city here:

Tickets Price: £175 / Early Bird £150 (offer ends Feb 10th)
Booking/Payment Link:

We'll see you in London or online on March 9th and 10th !

With our love and gratitude 

Facilitators: Illi Adato & Meghan Kelly

Innovations in Constellations

About The Facilitators:

Meghan is originally from the United States and is today based in Brussels, Belgium. As an Integrative Therapist, her work is an integral approach to healing and personal development where she incorporates a variety of techniques, including Family & Systemic Constellations, Somatic Therapy and Trauma Recovery (Bioenergetics Analysis and Somatic Experience) and Psychological & Evolutionary Astrology. In terms of Constellation work, Meghan is an international speaker on the topic; she has been facilitating for ten years and is an official practitioner of Systemic Ritual® - a blend of shamanic ritual and class Family Constellations. Meghan is incredibly passionate about working with others for healing, understanding and accessing the greater mystery of life and our family stories. She works in both English and Spanish, and you can find out more about her work and upcoming events at: or

Illi is an innovator in the constellations field, having researched and developed several new techniques for applying Systemic Constellations, including HypnoConstellations™ and Distant-Healing Constellations™ These methods offer simple ways to harness resources which are often unseen and support personal strength, resilience and growth for both facilitator and client. He is an international personal and group facilitator of Systemic Constellations and as the founder / Managing Director of the London School of Systemic & Family Constellations teaches the method to students from all over the globe. For more information:

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