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Real and lasting change comes by finding and working from the origin of a problem, instead of on the surface or symptom level alone.  This is the basis for my work, to get to the starting point in order to heal from there and be able to move forward.

Getting to the origin is a basic premise of Family & Systemic Constellation work; however, depending on the circumstances or the issue at hand, a healing process is always an individual one that works in alignment with your needs and your timing.  Perhaps working on a body|mind level is best to start with, working slower and progressively to build a foundation and more internal capacity to then later work with Constellations.  This is what I refer to as the Integrative Approach.  Regardless if we work together in a process or in a single session, the timing will differ from person to person but the goal will be the same - to eventually reach the origin, because it is from there where the healing takes place and the connection to Life has been made.   

Family Constellations In Brussels

Meghan Kelly

As an Integrative Therapist I use a variety of tools with the goal and focus on bringing consciousness and a new perspective to your life and relationships.  My work is about connecting you to Life, and this happens by releasing whatever is in the way so you can connect to your true self and nature.  Much of my work and approach is by using the tools in my toolbox to discover and release what is in the way, so you then choose and create your own path ahead.  I work with individuals, couples, groups and communities.  My approach is an integral one that considers the whole person - body, mind and spirit. I am based in Brussels, Belgium and also regularly work online both for Constellation work and the Integrative Approach to therapy.


You can see more about me and my toolbox here.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Circles & Workshops


Begin your journey by attending a monthly Constellation Circle or Special Workshop on different themes. Online & in Brussels.





A package of six constellations to guide you during a time of change and transition. 

Membership Options



Online Circle Membership & Supervision Membership for new facilitators just starting their practice.   

Supervision for Constellators


Take your facilitation and client experience to a new level by working with supervision cases.   This is not only necessary as you develop your practice, it sharpens your skills too.





Counseling Astrology, BirthChart Readings,  Solar Return Readings, & AstroConstellation™ events, created by Meghan.

Family Constellations In Brussels


For more information about working together, please contact me so we can get in touch!

Phone & Whatsapp(+ 32) 0468 455 273

United States: (424) 444-7533

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